About Us

Meet the world of Sweets

A wide and diverse range of sweets and cakes from an integral part of our heritage.

Craving for sweets is deeply rooted in the sub-continental and South Asian cultures. A wide and diverse range of sweets and cakes form an integral part of our heritage. The taste of our sweets entails the happy moments of our lives. Whether it is the celebration of success or celebration of festivities; sharing the happiness with sweet tooth is a part of our culture. This cultural bonding fueled the thought of initiating a gourmet sweetmeat brand in Bangladesh. Envisioning the prospects involved, “Meena Sweets Corner” was launched by Mr. Kazi Shahid Ahmed, Honorable Chairman of Gemcon Group in 2002 at a small space within Meena Bazar Dhanmondi Outlet under Gemcon Food and Agriculture Products Limited.

Today, eight out of the eighteen Meena Bazar Outlets operating in Dhaka City feature the Meena Sweets Corner offering fresh-out-of-the-factory sweetmeats, daily. Our valued customers at Meena Bazar always drop by the corner to take away boxed goodness of Meena Sweets and have given commendable feedback after tasting out gourmet sweets.

The unique and authentic taste of Meena Sweets is bound to tickle the taste buds of our consumers. Our products are rich in taste and quality ensured sweetmeats are produced from the fresh milk of domesticated cows organically bred and fed.

With increased demand looming large, we thought it was time for Meena Sweets to reveal itself as a separate entity. Attaining excellence in producing top quality sweetmeats has always fueled our passion. With this mission, on the 6th of September 2011, Meena Sweets was newly registered as “Meena Sweets and Confectioneries Ltd”. Meena Sweets was re-launched in 3rd April, 2014 with a factory that was also rebuilt with modern machineries, making it the most hygienic factory in Bangladesh till date, with all the necessary quality control facilities coupled with bistros and sweets corners.

Our Factory

Meena Sweets comes with cutting edge factory facilities, equipped with state-of-the-art machineries. In every step of the production phase, our top priority is to maintain the utmost quality and maximum hygiene. So, as far as the health, safety and quality issues are concerned, we at Meena Sweets believe that our customers can simply rely on us. 

Source of Raw Materials

When it comes to manufacturing sweets, dairy products belong to the highest echelon of raw materials needed and so, we ensure the proper sourcing of the best available ingredients from our trusted sources. To ensure the proper flow of sourcing, we own full-fledged dairy projects at Ramchandrapur in Dhaka and Panchagarh. These dairy projects consist of organically bred and fed local cows. The thorough maintenance procedures ensure the required quality of dairy products and all other ingredients necessary for quality gourmet sweets production.